Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Argentas, HydraNet and AXU distribution. Click the question to see further details below.

Joining Argentas

Signup & Verification

Obtaining AXUs


Behind Argentas

Joining Argentas

What is Argentas?

Argentas is the project for building a revolutionary world payment network and currency based on advanced next generation blockchain technologies.The HydraNet payment and value transfer network with its native cryptocurrency will enable payments that are fast and secure, easy and convenient, virtually free and global. The Argentas ecosystem will be formed around its core HydraNet blockchain, network interfaces and bridge entities, and an eventual decentralized application platform focusing on global financial applications (the “Argentas Platform”). Argentas' HydraNet has the potential to become the global payment network and its native digital asset the global currency. For more information, please read the documents as linked on the homepage.

Why should I join the revolution driven by Argentas?

If you want to be part of a story that will be changing the world of money, payments and banking forever, then you should. Otherwise you shouldn’t.

It is not only a cool thing but also a rewarding one to be a rebel, a pioneer, a revolutionary: those who join first, will get the best and highest rewards. The faster you act, the more you will get, and if you don’t act, somebody else will.

The community is what will help the Argentas vision for global currency and payments become a self-fulfilling prophecy: every additional member of the community will make it stronger and increase its likelihood of success. By joining and inviting your friends to do the same you will help to create something truly global, disruptive and uniquely transformative – something that can become the global leader, the global standard in payments that are finally real-time, global and virtually free, powered by a new global currency.

What are the risks in signing up?

For you, there are no risks in doing so: it is free, safe, and fast. You only need your name and email.

Indeed, it is a “free lunch” (they claim there isn’t one…) or a free option. You cannot lose, but you can gain, and a lot, without putting in any risk. The only risk is basically not acting and not seizing the opportunity as long as it presents itself.

What will you do with the data I provide?

We will not share it with anyone and will only store it on our servers. We will only use the email addresses for the purposes of communicating about the project and your interactions on the platform.

Read more about the privacy policy.

Why do I need to confirm my email? What happens if I don’t?

As the part of the verification process, your email needs to be confirmed, to be sure you are a real person and not a bot trying to exploit the opportunity.

Without having your email confirmed, you will not be able to access the system – your login will not work, and your account may be eventually deleted from the system, causing a loss of eligibility for any rewards.

Why does an existing community member need to verify me?

Argentas is building a community, where each member knows and is known by several other people. The invitation process has been structured in such a way that enhances trust and the spirit of community: you have to know the people you invite to be able to verify them and get your potentially very valuable rewards for confirming your trust in those people – at the same time, when they sign up, they will each get potentially very valuable rewards for joining this community. Such network of trust is scaled up globally, eventually consisting of millions of such relationships. This will form the basis of a new age secure global blockchain-based payment network.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

In a pyramid scheme, money is collected from new members and distributed among earlier members.

In this distribution process, no one is taken anything, so no one is exploited in any way. Argentas gives more to early joiners and those who invite their friends. The value of the rewards will materialize and increase, when the network grows and more and more people accept this new and better currency and a new, better way to make payments and transfer value globally, and virtually free and in real time.

Everyone is only given rewards against performance of their tasks. This is typical for so many well-known and successful online ventures that reward members who invite their friends e.g. with better capacity, free services, extended subscription for free and so on. Those who invite others may see more value in the reward, incentivizing to send more invitations.

Requiring the invitation to come from existing members to be able to join also increases the level of network security and trust, when everyone is known by someone else.

How can I get invited? What if my invitation link doesn’t work?

If you were invited by a person who has already used up all of his or her invitations, you may ask to have such person to connect with a mutual friend who may still have open invitations. Otherwise, the two suggested possibilities to get invited would be:

  • Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether any of them have already signed up as members and could invite you too
  • Go to our Facebook or Twitter page and see, which of your friends follow or like us – they may have already signed up with Argentas

It is important that you do not try to use a wrong invitation link that you have found from somewhere, or try to sign up without invitation, because you will then never get verified by anyone, which will lead to your registration being cancelled, and you will then get no reward. The invitation links must always be correct and valid.

What is an “Argentas Ambassador” and how do I become one?

Every new basic member (bronze level) can invite and verify a limited number of friends (6). This helps ensure a diverse community of Argentas members and avoids concentrating the rewards among a small group of people.

However, people who successfully complete all of their initial invitations may be upgraded to “Argentas Ambassadors” (silver level). Ambassadors get additional time and 100 more invitations to invite others and reserve yet more AXUs. Upgrades cannot be explicitly requested. The system prompts us to review them and we may grant them, depending on how the verifications have been done.

What is an “Argentas Senator” and how do I become one?

People who successfully complete all of their additional invitations as Ambassadors may be upgraded to “Argentas Senators” (gold level). Senators get additional time and 1,000 more invitations to invite others and reserve yet more AXUs. Upgrades cannot be explicitly requested. The system prompts us to review them and we may grant them, depending on how the verifications have been done.

Can I register multiple times and get more AXUs?

No. You may only open one AXU account, using your true details. Providing fake details, details of another person, or opening multiple accounts will result in the removal of all accounts and their AXU balances.

Signup & Verification

Why didn’t I get a confirmation email?

Not receiving emails is often due to misspelling the email address upon signup, spam filter settings or email filtering programs such as Bitbounce. Sometimes our emails may be delayed by your email service provider.

To fix this, we suggest to:

  • Check spam/junk folders
  • Disable any email filters like Bitbounce or whitelist
  • Sign up again using the same email spelled correctly (if you misspelled your email address)
  • Use a different email address - e.g. Gmail addresses are good; few issues reported with Yahoo email addresses
  • Verification email resending can be requested from the website here

Why can’t I log in?

There are a few reasons that could lead to login problems:

  • You did not complete the signup process
  • The person who invited you or whose invitation you used rejected your request, possibly causing the inactivation of your account
  • You are using the wrong user ID or email address, or you misspelled your user ID or email address (even periods make a difference: is not the same as
  • You may have forgotten or misspelled your password - the password can be reset on the website from here

Where is my invitation link?

To invite friends and reserve more AXUs, log into your Argentas account and share your unique invitation link. Make sure that the person who invited you verifies your registration request! You will only be able to verify your friends and reserve AXUs after you have been verified yourself.

Why can’t I approve the people I invited?

After you sign up, your account is still pending until the person who invited you verifies your registration. At this state, you can't verify your own invitees yet. We suggest you contact the person who invited you and make sure that he or she verifies you - he/she should have received an email from us upon your registration to verify you, but if you are still unable to review and verify your friends, you have not yet been verified yourself. You see his/her email address under “Verifications status” in your profile. Invitations are valid for 1200 hours at the basic level so there is no hurry to get verified immediately.

There is also a time limit in the invitations and verifications, so the person who invited you must act fast.

Once you are approved and have sent or posted your invitation link, you can verify your friends by clicking the Review button and Verify button on the screen opening up. The verification button only appears after you have been verified by your inviter, not before.

I am not verified and I cannot contact the person who has invited me. What do I do?

Accept a new invitation from someone you know and whom you can contact, and sign up using a different email address of yours.

Why isn’t my invite link working?

There are a few possible reasons:

  • Only a limited number of friends can use your link at a time
  • Each member has a limited number of invitations. If you have run out of invitations, you can refer them to a mutual friend that you have already approved
  • Make sure that you shared your own unique invitation link available on your personal page after login, not the one you used to sign up by yourself. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive verification requests from your friends instead of you

Why can’t I see the people I invited?

There are a few reasons you might be experiencing issues with inviting others to join Argentas.

  • Make sure that you shared your own unique invitation link, not the one you initially used to sign up. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive verification requests from your friends instead of you (and the rewards, if the invitation is still valid)
  • Make sure that your friends actually signed up with a valid email address

What if a new user did not confirm his/her email address?

Then you will not be able to access your account, and it may be removed from the system, unless the email is verified and the inviter verifies your registration. The only way to access it is to have your email address verified. Otherwise you will have to try to find another invitation link among your friends, and sign up with a different real email address.

How do I close my account?

Send an account closing request to Administrator by using the internal messaging system. Click the message link at the menu with the envelope symbol, and type your request.

When your account is closed, you will permanently lose all your rewards and will not be able to recover them upon any new signup or otherwise.

Obtaining AXUs

What do I receive for signing up?

When you sign up, a certain number of AXUs are allocated for you. These reward AXUs serve as an incentive to join, and they will gradually be released to you after the HydraNet and its native digital asset, or currency, becomes active in the future. At that point, the AXUs will be exchanged against the new final currency that by definition does not yet exist.

Why would you give away AXUs for free?

The logic is parallel to what the global platforms such as Google and Facebook did – the only possibility to build a platform with a truly worldwide audience is to enable people to use the service or join the platform for free – people would not be paying for a new digital currency at the early stages, at least not that many, when the network does not yet exist. The early joiners are incentivized with potentially very valuable rewards, which will be increasingly smaller for further joiners, and eventually people will be joining without any explicit reward, when they see the benefit of using a worldwide new age payment network such as the HydraNet with millions, potentially hundreds of millions or billions of users in the long run.

How much AXU do I get for joining?

The maximum amount of AXU you can receive depends on the timing when you sign up. At each stage of engagement with AXU (initial signup, verification of persons invited, using the system once it is operational, etc.) you can claim more AXU. It is important to complete each stage as soon as it is available, as some tasks have a deadline as indicated in connection with such tasks.

Why is the signup reward constantly decreasing?

Joining later on, after the HydraNet and its native digital currency has been widely adopted will require little external motivation, since once the adoption challenge is solved people will value the better technology, greater convenience and lower cost. Signing up after millions or hundreds of millions have joined will then be a very easy decision, since you already know there is a good chance the project will succeed, and the reward will become valuable.

But joining at the very early stages requires real vision and pioneering spirit. We want to compensate our early members accordingly.

Why am I required to complete tasks to reserve my full AXU reward?

Argentas will be giving free currency to incentivize actions that will help the HydraNet system and currency user base grow. That includes tasks such as: signing up and verification of friends invited, and later on installing and using the HydraNet end-user wallet and payment application, adding information, making purchases, etc. These tasks are in everyone’s interests, as they will help HydraNet grow, and may ultimately reach the target of releasing to members the future currency exchangeable to AXUs at a value of around one USD per AXU.

I want more AXUs. Can I buy them?

Some restricted quantities of the currency may be available for sale by invitation to members only. Later on, we plan to allow buying and selling AXUs (i.e. the final proprietary digital currency) against other currencies once the HydraNet is live.


What advantages does the HydraNet offer?

Some of the advantages enabled by HydraNet will be

  • Low costs: Very low transaction costs due to advanced distributed ledger technologies that consume very little energy to process transactions, enabling virtually free global real-time transactions
  • Speed and security: HydraNet will feature advanced DLT and cryptographic and other security technologies for maximum speed and security - the HydraNet supernode structure will enable unsurpassing transaction processing speed and volume, and the Cryptex security mechanism includes a roadmap for eventual quantum resistance for maximum level of network security
  • Ease and convenience: The user interfaces of HydraNet applications and bridge entities will offer superior user experience with their sleek, streamlined and user-friendly human design
  • One unique integrated ecosystem: HydraNet's native digital asset will become a universal currency, and the HydraNet ecosystem will be an end-to-end solution to global money and payments including the DLT-based network (HydraNet), its native digital asset / currency, bridge entities / interfaces, and dapps, enabling a complete new age infrastructure of money, payments and other financial services
  • Enabling truly global business: HydraNet has been conceived for the new borderless age of truly global businesses, where technology transcends any traditional barriers and enables one product or service of universal quality and delivery anywhere or everywhere - the first time ever, truly global business will be possible, also driving the cryptoeconomy
  • Financial inclusion and access: Connecting to the world economy the billions who don’t have access to financial services via new technology that lowers the barriers to entry to financial services, enables entirely new types of economic activity and wealth creation helping make the world definitely better tomorrow than what it is today

Read more about the HydraNet.

Why will Argentas succeed where others have not?

There have been many great financial technologies developed over the years, but their applications and implementations failed to gain universal acceptance due to this initial chicken-and-egg barrier of achieving sufficient usage volumes incentivizing the transition of business volumes from the old structures into the new ones. Argentas will be leveraging the future value of its digital currency itself to incentivize its widespread adoption. Our unique reward system encourages users to become early adopters, and opens the door to adoption of major breakthroughs in the payment and wider financial services industry, when a global user base is built right from the start and making the success into a potentially self-fulfilling prophecy.

What can I do with my reward AXUs?

Once the HydraNet system including its digital currency is functional, the AXUs reserved for you will be converted into the new digital currency and released gradually, and you will then be able to use them for any kind of payment or exchange: purchases, sales, investments, etc.

When will I be able to use my reward AXUs?

The reward AXUs reserved for you will be be converted into the new digital currency and released gradually. Distributing all at the same time would flood the market and devalue the currency. Therefore, once the system goes live and begins to grow, only a set proportion of one’s reserved AXUs will be converted and made available for use. The rate at which the digital currency is released will be managed to eventually achieve and maintain a stable exchange rate of around one unit of the new currency per one US Dollar, while also incentivizing economic growth via the system.

Economic modeling implies that if HydraNet succeeds and becomes a leading global payment platform, then eventually all of the AXUs reserved for members will be converted and released while still maintaining this eventual 1:1 exchange rate parity with USD.

See our roadmap.

Are my AXU transactions private? Can anyone see them?

The network will be constructed so that legal and compliance requirements can be fulfilled but that there is sufficient level of privacy, in particular, given the recent worldwide scandals in leaks of private data and intrusion into privacy.

How much is one AXU worth in USD?

At this stage, AXUs are only being reserved, and the reserved units cannot be used. If HydraNet becomes a leading global payment network, AXUs i.e. the units of the new digital currency are expected to be worth approximately 1 US dollar per unit (corresponding to 1 AXU). This estimate is detailed in our economic model.

What is your estimate of the AXU value based on?

Read more about our economic model explaining the potential valuation scenarios for the currency.

What happens if not enough people join?

Argentas needs many committed users to ensure a meaningful network of users who effect transactions, buy and sell using HydraNet. If a critical mass is not reached, the project may not go forward. Because the rewards are only valuable once the system is functional, it is in everyone’s interest to get others to join.

Behind Argentas

Who is building the Argentas Platform?

The Argentas Project is building the Argentas Ecosystem starting from the core HydraNet, the network interfaces and bridge entities, and later on the dapps economy leveraging the power of the HydraNet platform. With members and advisors based internationally, the Project focuses on creating, developing and applying advanced financial technologies to meet its objectives as illustrated in the project description.

The Argentas team will comprise top talent and expertise in next generation distributed ledger and other financial technologies, payments, banking and other areas of finance, and other supporting areas. To ensure success, Argentas will first create a critical mass of users, which will then be harnessed to create the new age DLT-based global payment network, the HydraNet. Therefore, currently, our primary focus is to get millions of members registered, after which we will recruit the best talent in the space.

The Project is constantly looking for new, fresh talent to join its ranks, so if you are interested in joining us, please send your CV and cover letter for current or future purposes at

What is the monetary council?

A global currency cannot be controlled by one entity. Therefore, an independent monetary council will be appointed via voting: the network supernodes will appoint their representatives having a set voting power per supernode. The roadmap will pave way for eventual full automatization of decision making in a decentralized manner, where models will be developed and calibrated to achieve that in the future, requiring the necessary expert input to get there. As elsewhere in the project, it is the idea to create the mariage of technology and human expertise and experience, drawing from the best of both worlds.

Read more about our monetary policy management.

How many AXUs are there? Who holds them?

922 billion AXUs have been issued, to be reserved / distributed as follows:

  • 76% are expected to be distributed as incentives — to encourage user activity and promote network growth
  • 12% are assigned to Argentas and its team, for the purpose of funding development of the world’s most advanced payment network
  • 12% are assigned to Argentas to build its monetary reserves. These will be gradually converted to other currencies and financial assets, allowing any member to easily convert to other currencies if needed

Once the initial 922 billion AXUs are fully distributed and exchanged for the final new digital currency of the HydraNet, the monetary council may create and distribute new units in order to keep the money supply in line with economic activity and to maintain stability, as outlined in the economic model.

Now that this concept is out, what prevents the Argentas project from being copied?

The Argentas project is an unique end-to-end solution, an entirely unique combination of coherent strategic elements to achieve its objectives. Argentas is indeed unlike any other. Normally, copycats will not succeed, and if someone were to develop a similar project, it is a whole blue ocean ahead, with plenty of room for competition in this pristine area of DLT-based networks and currencies, where real-life applications are of very limited scale and scope today, with a basically unlimited room for growth. At the same time, the faster the Argentas community grows and the faster the project progresses, the more difficult will it become for any competitor to gain ground. Wide scale adoption of the HydraNet and its currency will be key.

We welcome innovation, growth and Darwinian evolution. The best solutions will win, and we certainly have one.

Is this an ICO?

No. ICO, Initial Coin Offering, is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to describe the public sale of newly issued cryptocurrencies or tokens. Argentas HydraNet's goal is to become the leading global platform in payments and to create a global digital currency. That requires adoption by eventually hundreds of millions of members, which will not happen if all are required to pay. AXUs will therefore be distributed for free.

There may be a restricted, limited possibility to acquire some AXUs in addition to what is received as a reward, but that is not an ICO.

How is this different from an “airdrop”?

Airdrop is a term used in the to describe free distribution of cryptocurrencies or tokens. While Argentas will distribute free currency, that by itself is not enough to revolutionize payments. It can only succeed in synergy with two other actions:

  • Requiring members to undertake simple tasks to qualify for the rewards. These are tasks that promote wide scale adoption of the new digital currency, for the benefit of all members (read more about the reasoning behind these tasks above)
  • Development of a state of the art blockchain-based global payment system the HydraNet. The eventual success of HydraNet and its digital currency is based on it being the safest, easiest and cheapest way to transact and transfer funds and other items of value. The free distribution of AXU is only interesting insomuch as it promotes the adoption of advanced payment technologies

What are AXUs?

AXUs are XLM compatible tokens issued and distributed on the Stellar blockchain pursuant to a related XLM issuing account and distribution account smart contracts (the “AXU Tokens”).

AXUs will be converted and exchanged into the eventual HydraNet native digital currency at the rate of 1:1. Since the new digital currency cannot exist before HydraNet by definition, AXUs have been issued as the reserve tokens to facilitate the distribution process, to reserve real tokens that actually exist.

922 billion AXUs have been issued. When they are eventually exchanged for the new digital cryptocurrency, the money supply will be adjusted in accordance with politices mentioned above.

What features, uses or attributes do AXU Tokens have? Can the AXU Tokens be used on a blockchain adopting the Argentas Platform?

Other than the standard features of any digital asset issued on the Stellar platform, the AXU Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the Argentas Platform.

What does AXU stand for?

AXU means Argentas Exchange Unit, describing the exchangable nature of the reserve token, to be exchanged for the new digital currency to be issued on the HydraNet platform.

What is the Argentas Wallet? Do I need it?

The Argentas Wallet has been developed to hold the actual AXUs that have been distributed (on the system accounts upon signup and friend verifications, the amounts are AXU reservations credited to such accounts not requiring the wallet). As AXUs have been issued on the Stellar network, the Argentas Wallet is an interface to the Stellar network added with features relating to the AXUs such as facilitating the so called asset trustline, transfers and buy/sell offers that are native functionalities of the Stellar network. In order to reserve the AXUs, you will not need the Argentas Wallet or any other separate wallet. When the AXUs are distributed later on to users (or the eventual digital currency to be launched), wallets will be used for such digital currency at that point as instructed. Now, only in the event someone already holds AXUs that have been or are being distributed, or has otherwise acquired AXUs, the wallet will then be needed, but not for the purpose of the reservations.

If you have reserved AXUs within this campaign but have not acquired them otherwise, you won't need to worry about the wallet issue at all, because such reserved AXUs will not be distributed at this stage. The Argentas AXU wallet is not required for reserving AXUs in the member invitation campaign.