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What is Argentas?

Argentas is a technology project. Argentas revolutionizes money, payments and banking via advanced technologies.

It is neither merely a normal 'Fintech' project, nor it is only a blockchain project. Argentas combines the 'best of both worlds' to create a powerful hybrid platform that will transform finance as we know it today.

Get your exclusive invitation

How does it work? Very simple:

Get a valid invitation link from your friends. If you don't have any, get one. To avoid problems, the inviter and invitee should know each other.

Sign up. You get the signup bonus (10% of reserved amount). Verify your email by clicking the button in the message you receive instantly. One signup per person only.

Your inviter receives a simultaneous notification of your signup. The inviter needs to verify you too. If you don't get verified, you can't verify friends and earn rewards.

Now you can invite people by sharing your invitation link with friends by email or social media. Your link is on your personal page.

Earn verification bonus upon verifying your friends (40% of reserved amount for 6). Before getting verified, they must verify their emails too.

After having used up your limit of 6 invitations, you may get an upgrade with much more, and earn more rewards in promoting our community.

Follow the tips below to get your personal invitation and join our community:

1 Visit our Twitter & FB

Go to our Facebook or Twitter page and see, which of your friends follow or like us – they may have already signed up with Argentas.

2 Share post asking for invite

Submit a post on social media asking your friends whether any of them have invitations available for you.